Create Pop-Up Menu with TimeDuration?

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Create Pop-Up Menu with TimeDuration?

Postby DJHulp » Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:52 am

Hello, Users. ;)

Create Pop-Up Menu with TimeDuration?

Example, when Disney plays the Trailers it has a Pop-Up Menu.
But when the First Trailer start it shows the Pop-Up Menu about 5 Seconds, and then it closes Automatically.
And the user can with the Keyboard / Mouse / Remote controll the Pop-Up menu again including the Right & the Left Button.
I think they used a Dummy BOG for that.

So my Question is:
:arrow: How to make the Dummy Button go to the Pop-Up Menu? (I Know you can make the buttons Active).
:arrow: How to make the Pop-Up Menu Appear Automatically and Closes after a specific time?

It doesn't have to have any Effects into it a picture is OK! ;)
But if you know also how to do that, then please explain that also. ;)

Please, help me. ;)
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