MainConcept Reference v2 MVC Beta and Accelcoder X

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MainConcept Reference v2 MVC Beta and Accelcoder X

Postby cyberspeed » Tue Apr 10, 2012 3:30 am

Hi everyone, was wondering how many of you out there have tried the MainConcept Reference v2 MVC Beta Demo with success in getting MUI generator to recognize them, i simply can not figure out what is wrong. No matter what the left and right eyes will not be recognized, anyone has a solution or any information that would be kind enough to share?

Plus Accelcoder X the 30 day trial, is easy to use and it results after encoding with all thelementaryry streams plus an ISO image of your files, but every time i try to create the nededed files for muxing with MUI Generator on the right eye view keeps saying no matter what i convert vui_parameters_not_found, no matter what wont work, anyone else has that problem? when i contacted the support for Accelcoder they said no one ever reported that issue, i would like to know if someone else has it or something is wrong n my PC.

thank you in advance for your time to share your info.

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