Scenarist: Setting mux PTS value

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Scenarist: Setting mux PTS value

Postby Irony » Thu Apr 10, 2014 4:32 am

First I should say that I do not own Scenarist, so I don't have the manual nor can I directly try out anything.

For my company, I am writing a tool that takes input that has been created either with Blu-Print or Scenarist, and I need to tell the authoring people how to do their authoring so it can be processed with our tool later on.
When you mux something, the PES packets get an internal PTS value, which has an offset to the start time you set in the GUI (this is true for all authoring software). For Scenarist it has been 27000000@45khz = 10 minutes before, which was no problem, but it seems that the value was set to 10 hours later on, which is too high for us (would take too long too explain the reason behind)
So, my question is, can you even set this value manually in Scenarist, and how to do it?

Thanks a lot.
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